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Richard F. Schwabe Endowment Scholarship Recipients

Solomon Acheampong

Michael Arner

Christian Velasquez


David Dylan

Evan Vazquez


Clayton Larissey

Katherine Volz


John Arata

Pamela Braeutigam

Laura Wilson


Mason Lloyd

Nicholas Malachowski

Olivia Semon


Jacob Schultz


James Schlieper


I am a current Kent State University student originally from Pittsburgh, PA and have had a passion for aviation since the day I was born.  My father had served in the Unites States Air Force for over 35 years and my entire life. I always loved going to his work as a kid to just look at airplanes for hours.   I feel like my dream is coming true now that I am flying them. Currently I have just reached the halfway point in my career as a student at Kent State University finishing my sophomore year with a 3.796 GPA.  I plan to graduate in 2020 and become an instructor at 1G3. From there I have not decided which path I will take, but I know that through hard work and dedication I will be able to achieve any goal I set. I love to fly and cannot wait to do it for the rest of my life.  Thank you so much for choosing me as the recipient for this prestigious scholarship and helping to make my dreams become a reality.

Christopher Galantis


Anilson Cardoso


Anilson Cardoso is from Cape Verde Island, west of Africa. He is a senior majoring in Aeronautics with concentration in Flight Technology. His current major 3.678 GPA and overall has a 3.718GPA. As of right now, he is working on his Certified Flight Instructor certiticate along with his multi‐engine rating. Once he gets his CFI certificate, he would like to get hired to work as a fight instructor at Kent State. Currently, he works as a dispatcher at the Kent State Airport. "This scholarship, which is named after a legend of the Kent State aviation community, has afforded me the opportunity to continue pursuing my happiness by chasing my dream of becoming a pilot. Also, this scholarship has motivated me to be a great pilot and always try to perform at high standards as Mr. Schwabe would have liked. I am pleased to be one of the recipients of this prestigious scholarship."

Nathan Piatt


Currently serving in the United States Marine Corps

Bethany Jones


I graduated in December 2014 and began instructing at 1G5 (Medina Municipal Airport). I instructed there and worked in aircraft maintenance under the guidance of an IA for about a year. Then last October I moved to southern Florida to flight instruct. My goal is to gain 1000 hours as fast as I can. When I reach 1000, I plan on moving to Papua, Indonesia to fly for a missionary organization over there called AMA (Associated Mission Aviation). Ever since I knew I wanted to fly, I also knew I wanted to use aviation to change lives and help those who were in need. In Papua, I will get the opportunity to do just that, and get some challenging and rewarding bush flying experience on the world's most difficult landing strips and terrain while I'm at it! My flight education at Kent State has been invaluable and instilled in me the professionalism and dedication that is needed in the mission field. Without scholarships like the Dick Schwabe Memorial Scholarship, this dream would be impossible to fulfill. I would not be on the path I am today if it were not for generous people who have supported aviation students and their dreams. Thank you!!!


For more information on AMA, please visit their website at

Vahid Jannesar


Daniel Gittinger


I attended Kent State University from 2008-2012.  I received the Dick Schwabe Scholarship my junior year and was privileged to do so.  Not only did the award help me financially, I felt proud to receive an honor in the name of a man who made Kent State’s flight program what it is today. 


I began working as a flight instructor at the university for a year and half after graduation.  During that time I also flew for Castle Aviation, a small company out of the Akron Canton Airport.  In January of 2014, I began my career as an airline pilot with ExpressJet Airlines.  I am currently based in Cleveland, OH, and fly the Embraer-145.  There has been a proud history of Kent State graduates at ExpressJet, and I am able to fly with them every day. 


I look forward to advancing my career as an airline pilot and will never forget that my roots lie with the Kent State Aviation community.  I plan to help future aviation students at Kent State by contributing to the Dick Schwabe Scholarship and the great legacy he left behind. 

Devin Schaefer


Jeffrey Adelman


It was an honor to be the first recipient of the Dick Schwabe Scholarship. After graduation in 2010, I completed a six-month internship with a large corporate flight department and worked at FlightSafety International for a year.  At FSI I was a Co-pilot and ground school instructor in the Challenger 300 program in Wilmington, Delaware.


In January 2012 I started with Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company as a Challenger 605 pilot.  Here, I work with a great team including four other KSU graduates. We operate three Challenger 605’s all over the country and some internationally.  Our aircraft are fully equipped with options including HUD and EVS and are meticulously maintained by our great staff.  The scholarship was a big financial help in covering the high costs of flight training.  I look forward to being able to give back to this scholarship to help more students receive this wonderful award.

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